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Displaying events between 01 February 2025 and 28 February 2025

Emilio Santoro as Elvis 2025 *We are pleased to announce there are a limited number of free places available for this programme, for children in receipt of Free School Meals, on behalf of Somerset Council and Somerset Activity & Sports Partnership. To book you will need to have received your unique Booking Code from your child's school or referrer and booking will be available via https://www.sasp.co.uk/happy-healthy-holidays shortly. Dates: Fri 14 Booking and More Information
Emma Kenny 2025: Serial Killer Couples Emma Kenny returns with an enthralling new show that plunges into the depths of love twisted into terror. After her triumphant 'The Serial Killer Next Door' tour, Emma captivates yet again, solidifying her status as one of the UK's foremost crime presenters. This time, she invites you to delve into the dark world of "Killer Couples."

"Killer Couples" is not just another true crime show; it's a riveting exploration of romance gone horrifically awry. Emma unravels the complex psychology of couples who commit the unthinkable, transforming their intimate bond into a pact of death and destruction. This show offers a chilling glimpse into the lives of duos who embarked on deadly paths, from the infamous Brady and Hindley to the modern-day equivalents whose stories shock and bewilder.

Emma's compelling narrative dissects how these relationships evolve from love to something entirely malevolent, providing an intense, thought-provoking experience. The show dares to ask: What drives these couples to cross the line together? How does love become an accessory to murder? "Killer Couples" seeks to understand the dynamics at play in these lethal liaisons, making it a must-attend for anyone fascinated by the darker aspects of human nature and relationships.

Prepare to be enthralled, enlightened, and possibly a bit alarmed. "Killer Couples" promises an evening filled with intrigue, psychological depth, and discussions that will linger long after the show ends. Whether you're a true crime aficionado or simply curious about the complexities of romantic relationships, this show is an unparalleled exploration of what happens when love leads not to a happy ending, but to a deadly one.
Dates: Sat 15 Booking and More Information
Nick Stapleton: How To Beat Scammers Nick Stapleton is an expert investigative journalist and for over a decade he’s delved into the shadows, unravelling scams, frauds, and unethical practices. Nick has spent much of his career pretending to be somebody else – be it undercover as an employee working inside a dodgy business or posing as a customer on a sting operation.

As the presenter of BBC's BAFTA and multi-award-winning Scam Interceptors, Nick has witnessed the sheer scale of the scam industry. He’s seen behind the curtain, and it's clear, we can't rely solely on authorities or banks to protect us.

In this unique evening, audiences can expect a revealing exploration of the murky world of scams and fraud, as Nick shares some essential strategies to make sure your money stays where it should, in your pocket.

Worryingly, the authorities convicted only 0.1% of fraud cases in Britain last year. With fraud representing over 40% of all crime, it’s never been more important to tool yourself up to fight back against the scammers.

This show isn't just about awareness, it's about action. It's about protecting yourself and your family. Join, Nick Stapleton, on this eye-opening live show that promises to empower and help protect us all.

Don't Miss Out. Together, we can stop the scammers.
Dates: Fri 21 Booking and More Information
Omid Djalili: Namaste The Persian Comedy Powerhouse performs his critically acclaimed new show NAMASTE where Omid peacefully bows to his inner anger and unleashes a torrent of comedic vitriol upon the current state of this dangerously messed up planet.
No government gets a green card. No tyrant avoids a take down. No audience member leaves the theatre with an ounce of laughter left in them.
You have been warned.
“So hysterically funny and at the same time so poignant and powerful that calling it stand-up barely does it justice.”
Michael Levin, Huffington Post.

20 min support Boothby Graffoe, interval and then 1 hour 10 of Omid. 16+
Dates: Fri 28 Booking and More Information
The Story of Guitar Heroes 2025 One of the UK’s premier live concert experiences, The Story of Guitar Heroes has garnered critical acclaim both at home and abroad for its incredible homage to some of the most influential and iconic guitarists from the past 50 years of popular music.

Featuring talented world-class musicians and state-of-the-art video projection, the show journeys through five decades, from 1950s Rock & Roll through to the most creative and inspirational guitar heroes of the modern era.

Renowned for its highly versatile musicianship, The Story of Guitar Heroes recreates the unique sounds of each guitar legend with incredible accuracy, utilising no less than 30 different authentic guitars.

Expect classic hits from legends including Hank Marvin, Chuck Berry, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Brian May, Jimmy Page, Mark Knopfler, Van Halen, Slash and many more!
Dates: Thu 20 Booking and More Information

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